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Our Activities: 

The key activities and working areas the organisation are as follows:  

r      Enhancing professional skills of media owners, managers and journalists

r      Capacity building of local media and development organisations

r      Building capacity and leadership of development and social activists

r      Ensuring freedom of the press and journalists

r      Advocating for right to information

r      Developing alternative and citizens media for rise marginalize people’s voice

r      Using ICTs for disseminate information and knowledge 

r      Award given program to the media and journalists

r      Campaign for creating awareness on STD/HIV/AIDS, safer sex, safe blood, drug abuse, gender, women & youth empowerment, human rights, youth rights, human trafficking, good governance, fair election issues

r      Capacity and leadership building of youth people

r      Flourishing folk and traditional culture

r      Cultural campaign for positive change

r      Advocacy for ensuring active participation of indigenous people in journalism and media

r      Advocacy for advancement and positive change of unprivileged people and society 

r      Conducting research, study, survey and case study on several issues

r      Monitoring violence against journalists, women, children and minority/indigenous people

r      Networking among journalists, development activists, women, students and youth people

r      Publishing and disseminating IEC, BCC, campaign and advocacy materials

r      Publishing and disseminating E-newsletter, E-Bulletin and newsletters

r      Developing audio-visual contents and broadcasts its through various media including govt. owned radio stations and cable TV.

r      Website developing, management and updating

r      Developing alternative media such as online radio, online TV, community radio, community newspapers

r      Providing consultancy, event management and PR support for development organisations

Human Resource Development

§         AIDS Journalism Training Program

§         Program for Capacity Building of Local Media

§         Women Journalists Training Program

§         Women Journalist Internship and Fellowship Program

§         Rural Journalists Training and Fellowship Program

§         Cyber Journalism Training Program

§         Training Program for Social Development Workers

§         Local Resource Groups Develop Program

§         Appreciation Program for Rural journalists

Awareness Building

§         Awareness Raising Program for STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention

§         Anti Trafficking Campaigning Program

§         Awareness Raising Program for Arsenic Mitigation

§         Awareness Raising Campaigning for Breastfeeding

§         Awareness raising Program for Preserving Human Rights

§         Awareness Raising Program for 'Dangoo' Prevention

§         Anti Polythene Awareness Raising Campaign

Advocacy for Advancement

§         Media Advocacy for STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention

§         Media Advocacy for Combating Trafficking 

§         Gender Equality and Women Empowerment

§         Protect Child Labor, Child Marriage and Dowry

§         Stop Violence Against Journalist

Research and Monitoring

§         AIDS Communication Research

§         Gender Disparity in Journalism Profession 

§         Role of Communication Media for Socio-Economic Development

§         Role of Journalists for People's Empowerment

§         Public Opinion Survey on National and Local Election

§         Monitoring on Violence Against Journalists

§         Research on Political Empowerment of the Grassroots people

§         Causes and Consequences of Women Trafficking


§         Bangladesh Advanced Students Alliance [BASA]

§         Youth Voice [Cultural wing]

§         Economic Journalists Network [EJ Net]

§         Anti-AIDS Journalists Alliance AJA

§         Rajshahi Youth Citizens Council [YCF]

Future Plan

§         To Establish Journalism Training Institute

§         To Publish Community Newspaper

§         To Establish Community TV Station

§         To Establish Online Television

§         To Establish Online Radio

§         To Establish Community Radio Station

§         To Establish Computer Education Centre

§         To Establish Community Media Lab (CML)

§         To Build-up an Effective Network with National and Local NGO's

If you have any questions or comments regarding this website and/or CCD’s activities, please write to us at: info@ccdbd.org   
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Last update: 10 January, 2010

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