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Political Leaders Facing Youth Leaders

All Political Parties in a Platform for Development of Rajshahi

Rajshahi, 02 December:  

Leaders of all political parties set an instance of taking vow for working together for the socio-economic development in Rajshahi from a single platform.

On the other hand, youth leaders demanded to the political leaders that they must work together for ensuring peace and stability in the country and they have to shun destructive programs from their political culture.

Declaring this promise in a dialogue on ‘Youth Expectation: Accountability in Politics’ held in a local community centre in Rajshahi today, speakers also said, the national leaders should learn a good lesson from this instance of working for social betterment. Moreover, the national leaders should take the peaceful and constructive program for the uplift of social and economic status of the country right now, they stressed.

Rajshahi Youth Citizen Forum formed with the help of International Republican Institute (IRI) and CCD Bangladesh arranged this dialogue for the first time in the country. As a representative of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), its Divisional Organizing Secretary and Rajshahi City Mayor Mizanur Rahman Minu, as a representative of Bangladesh Awami League its Senior Vice President in Rajshahi City Mostak Ahmed Labu, as a representative of Jamate Islami Bangladesh its Secretary in Rajshahi City Abul Kalam Azad attended the dialogue.

Moderated by television personality and national youth ambassador of IRI Abdur Noor Tushar, the dialogue was welcomed by Program Representative of IRI Aminul Ehsan. Members of Youth Citizen Forum presented problems of 30 wards of Rajshahi City Corporation and recommendation to solve these problems identified earlier through in-depth interview with the local citizens of the city.

Later on, youth leaders threw a large number of questions to the local political leaders. The youth leaders asked Mayor Minu, why he could not implement gas supply project, EPZ, establishment of full-fledged TV studio and cricket test venue in Rajshahi even passing long 15 years as city mayor. They asked Bangladesh Awami League leader, why 14-party alliance is creating a great hazard to the normal life style of the common people through destructive program like blockade and strike, why they are showing conflicting attitude towards President, Election Commission and Judiciary of the country and they asked, are these symbols of democracy. Youth leaders also asked to the Jama’at Leader, why they did not take any step against the leader of their student wing Chhatra Shibir in spite of having involvement with a teacher killing in the university.

All the political leaders answered these questions of the youth leaders and came to a platform to work together for the development of Rajshahi.

Above 300 youth leaders coming from 30 wards of RCC, different professionals including teachers, lawyers, journalists, ward commissioners were present in the dialogue.

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